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“Boys to Men: Learning to Live Their Dream”

Tirkandi Inaburra Cultural and Development Centre is an Aboriginal community run centre offering Aboriginal boys aged 12-15 a culturally-based residential program aimed at reducing future contact with the criminal justice system by strengthening the boys’ cultural identity, self-esteem and resilience.

The centre houses 14 boys at a time and the boys stay at the Centre on a voluntary basis for a single school term. Whilst at the Centre the boys engage in educational, sport, recreational, life, living skills and cultural activities which have all been designed to incrementally develop each participant’s skills and abilities. Schooling is provided on site by the NSW Department of Education. The Centre is located on a 780 hectares rural property between the townships of Coleambally and Darlington Point in the Riverina district of south-west NSW.

The name “Tirkandi Inaburra” means “to learn to dream” in the Wiradjuri language. Tirkandi Inaburra delivers a culturally based residential program aimed at strengthening cultural identity and resilience and empowering its young participants to reach their full potential in life.

Boys who live in communities located between the Lachlan and the Murray and between Balranald and the western side of the Blue Mountains are eligible to apply to come to the Centre.

The NSW government provides funding for the centre.









Tirkandi Inaburra’s program is made up of four (4) core learning area


School based education with a focus on numeracy and literacy
Sport and Recreation activities designed to build self esteem and self confidence
Life and Living Skills that increase a participant’s ability to care for himself and better
understand his emotions so that he can better manage his responses to life situations
Cultural Activities to promote identity, self confidence, and cultural pride

Schooling is provided on site. We have one Head Teacher, two Teachers and two Aboriginal Teacher Assistants employed by the Department of Education through the Coleambally Central School. This allows us to provide intensive learning support.

Each participant has a Personal Learning and an individual case plan, supported by a full
medical assessment.

Each graduate also has an exit plan which reports on his academic and personal achievements during the program, his future goals and makes recommendations regarding his future support needs to achieve those goals.